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Get Over Yourself
"At least we're still friends."
Good God, is that a joke?
You want me to disappear and
I secretly hope you choke, so
You should start to smoke, or
Live the way you play poker
'Cause you bluff 'til you're called
But they fold so you aren't
And you wouldn't anyways
Since your hand holds the joker.
Take that halo off
'Cause plastic doesn't count
Just like the smile you show them.
This scene is playing like a broken record.
You must have no self-respect, or
You wouldn't neglect your
Health or your self
Like you're somebody else.
You don't care if they stare
'Cause your life is in shambles.
As we leave this ground,
You won't hear us cry
Or stop to say goodbye
or to heave sighs of regret,
'Cause I can't forgive
As long as you won't forget.
"At least we're still alive."
Is that the best you've got?
I will probably spend my whole life trying
To forget the way you've filled me with hatred.
We can't escape this, so
We might as well face it.
You've cast us off
Like dirty rags.
Now you've made a m
:iconyouneverasked:youneverasked 4 16
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Perception Dimension
Perception Dimension
Standing alone, Fear in your mind
Everyone's cruel, The world is unkind.
Walking the line, You dare not cross
Listen to others, be your own boss.
Speaking your mind, thoughts flying away
Talking out loud with nothing to say.
Swing in the air, Totally still
Emptiness so big, nothing can fill
It's all irrelevant, but it means so much
Shallowness rules, depth you can not touch
Eternity is such a long time
Eternity is such a big place
You know what I'm thinking
It's written all over your face
We see things differently
We see things the same
Finding out now, It's all a lie
Laughing so hard, starting to cry
It's all irrelevant, but it means so much
Shallowness rules, depth you can not touch
Eternity is such a long time
Eternity is such a big place
You know what I'm thinking
Our minds drift into space
Going forward at the speed of light
Seeing nothing in the dark of night
Getting ahead from so far behind
Seeing everything through the eyes of the blind
Closer you ge
:iconandymst3000:andymst3000 2 9
Late at night when alls asleep,
The quietness is penetrating deep,
I sit up and think of you,
Do you even have a clue?,
Remnants of you run through my head,
While I stare at the ceiling and lie in my bed,
Through the window I see the stars and moon,
They keep me company during my insomnia from morning to night and even in the noon,
Just like the moon you provide light in my life,
Even when I am under strife,
With positive words of encouragement,
You give me mental nourishment,
So while I lie awake,
I wonder how long this will take,
For me to release my feelings for you,
To just blurt out I LOVE YOU,
Till then my love is held captive and locked up in my chest,
This is the next test,
So still I lie awake in contemplation,
Till my eyes close in an unwanted illation,
Then I coward out and let my body shut down,
I walk around happy but my insides are twisted into a big frown,
My love for you will never end……Till my life reaches a dead end…..
:icongoooingcrrrazy:goooingcrrrazy 1 2
finding peace when your confus
I cant figure out why i am soo caught up
why this life feels so incomplete
not a day goes by
without your persona running through my head
get out of my life
please tell me you love me instead
hold me close in your arms and heart
why does life have to be about choices?
your always the one turning my rights to wrongs
i am done with your charms
leave and never return
i just need to learn
there is more to life than that true love..
and you..
this disassembling of my heart is coming to an end.....
this twisting of my guts is unraveling
the tears on my cheeks are drying
theres no more need to pretend
its time to get on with my life and what could be
that hope died long ago
for so long you smothered my thoughts
now im leaving empty handed and free
erasing all thoughts and memories
goodbye and so long.......
:icongoooingcrrrazy:goooingcrrrazy 3 6
Distance and Spaces by lexie Distance and Spaces :iconlexie:lexie 2 4


Just got my RN license.  Im so happy to finally be done and have this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  Just want to get started in the field and make some money too!  Hoping to get to the beach soon, leaving for NY at the end of the month for a mini vaca.  Thats about it,  But big things are on the horizon!
  • Listening to: Never Quit Loving You. --Jill Barber
  • Reading: job listings
  • Watching: hunger games (last person on earth to see it)
  • Playing: piano
  • Eating: oikos yogurt
  • Drinking: protein shakes


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United States
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Favourite genre of music: alternative
MP3 player of choice: Ipod!!!!!
Shell of choice: Sea shells?
Skin of choice: Stop it... thats racist
Personal Quote: "ya know what I mean?"


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goooingcrrrazy Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
thanks for the fave!
SexMustDie Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
Lmfao, forgot you're training to be a nurse. I decided about a month ago I want to be one. Now I just dream about it until I can haha, :P
greekagori Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011
yea its a worthwhile profession. Its nice knowing you made a difference in someones life. if you ever have any questions about it, just ask!
AestheticParadise Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
:hug: I still love you man! How've you been? Whatcha been up to?
greekagori Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2011
nursing school, work, traveling, acting, music, and being crazy busy. how bout u? Its been too long!
AestheticParadise Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, uber-busy-bee you've been!
Me? ...well, school - lots of it since it's my last year (only about time), bike trip in Italy (and dealing with injuries), dealing with roommates (why do I stuck with the weirdos?) + moving apartments (moving tomorrow), and lots of family drama... mostly I'm trying to keep my head on straight.
It has been too long! :hug: How's your crazy corner going? What's nursing school like? Where have you been recently, travel-wise?
greekagori Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011
OO i hope you're ok after your bike trip! My crazy corner is crazy as ever! Ive been to canada to visit my friend in toronto, then NY a few times, and florida, but nursing school kills most of my travel plans. But once i graduate in may, its bye bye for europe i hope! I cant wait to be done, its horrible. well im rambling! happy to know you're still on DA and still super friendly!
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Griffing-Starburst Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
Your talents astounds me and leave me feeling a bit jealous... You're amazing by the way.
greekagori Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
oh stop, I'm just a regular average Joe, just getting some art into my life. thank you much!
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